How to Become a Garbage Collector

One of the most important and underappreciated services we have today is garbage collection. Garbage collectors must be physically fit, capable of driving trucks, and willing to work long shifts, including early morning and late night shifts. You can increase your chances of becoming a garbage collector by creating a resume, applying to a waste management facility, and following up with the company after your application.

Part 1 Preparing to Apply

1. Get your high school diploma or GED. To work as a garbage collector for your local waste management company, you must first obtain the necessary education. Although the majority of garbage collection jobs do not require formal training and will provide you with the necessary experience once you begin, you must first obtain a high school diploma or an equivalent with a GED diploma.
If you do not have a high school diploma, you can study for and take the GED exam online.

2. To get into good physical shape, start a consistent workout routine. Garbage collection is a physically demanding job. Start working on your upper body and core strength through a daily exercise routine before applying. These exercises will provide you with the strength you need to be a successful garbage collector.
Garbage collection jobs can be taxing on the body if you are older or have a preexisting injury.

3. Get used to working as part of a group. Most garbage collectors work in groups of two to three people, and being able to work well with others is an important skill. Work on developing healthy communication skills with the people in your life, and consider whether working with others is something you want to do as a career.
Having a job history that demonstrates your ability to collaborate with others will be an asset during the application process.

4. Apply for a commercial driver's licence. Obtaining a commercial driver's licence before applying for the job will increase your chances of being hired. For more information on how to obtain this licence, go to

5. Keep a clean driving record. You will be required to drive a garbage truck as a garbage collector at some point in your career. Your future employer will be more likely to hire you if you maintain a good driving record prior to the application process.
Avoid speeding tickets and pay off parking tickets as soon as possible to ensure that you do not have any marks on your record when applying.

6. Make a list of references that you can trust. Consider the people you've previously worked for, as well as anyone who would praise your work ethic, and write down their phone numbers. Choose your top two or three references and obtain their phone numbers. Ask your top references if it is okay to use them as references, and inform them that someone may contact them in the future for information about your work history.
Informing people that you will be using them as references gives them time to prepare statements about your work ethic and dependability.

7. Make a resume that highlights your qualifications. Create a resume in a word processing programme such as Word or Google Docs that highlights your work history and eligibility for the garbage collection position you are applying for. Make sure the document is properly formatted and includes your personal contact information, such as your phone number and email address, as well as a list of references.

Part 2 Applying for the Position

1. Look for garbage collection jobs in your area. Make use of online job posting services to narrow your search and find a garbage collection job in your area. Websites such as Craigslist and Indeed have a variety of job listings and will allow you to narrow your search and set up notifications when a garbage collection position becomes available.
Expand your search to include jobs with both government agencies and privately held businesses.
Using the internet is a great way to learn about the types of jobs that are available in your area and to see if there is more availability in another town.

Visit these websites on a daily basis, or enable notification services if they are available, to be among the first to apply for an open position.

2. Fill out an online application for a garbage collection position. Search online for available garbage collection positions with your resume and experience in hand. Apply for a garbage collection job online at your local waste management website's career page, which should list the company's open positions.
For a list of potential positions, you can also visit job listing websites such as Craigslist and Indeed.

3. Visit the waste management offices in your area. If you do not apply online, you can look up the address of your local waste management office and go there in person. This method allows you to show your personality and market yourself in person, which is lost in online applications. Inquire with the waste management offices about available garbage collector positions and express your interest in applying.
When speaking with waste management employees, maintain a professional demeanour and express gratitude for the opportunity to apply.
Even if no positions are available, bring your resume with you when you visit the waste management facilities and give it to the recruitment office. If a position opens up, they will be more likely to contact you if they have your resume.

4. Fill out an application for a position in garbage collection. You must fill out an application for the available garbage collector position, whether you apply online or in person. Fill out the application carefully, making sure to write down your correct information and writing as legibly as possible if you are doing it by hand.
If you are filling out the application in person, bring your resume with you so that you can hand it over to the waste management employee when you turn it in.

5. Dress professionally and conduct yourself respectfully. When visiting the waste management offices in person, it is best to dress in business casual attire. Treat everyone you speak with respect and professionalism, and treat every interaction as if it were a job interview.
Making a good impression on the people who work there will help you stand out from the crowd.

6. Accept a background check. Your prospective employer will almost certainly request a background check to ensure you have not been convicted of a felony or a serious crime. This background check will be an important part of the hiring process, so allow it to take place even if you have blemishes on your record.
By agreeing to the check, you will demonstrate that you have nothing to hide and will increase your chances of getting the job.

Part 3 Following up on Your Application

1. In person, follow up with the waste management offices. It is best to follow up with the waste management facility one to two weeks after you have applied. Dress professionally and inquire whether there is anything else you can do to assist them with the hiring process. Showing up in person demonstrates your commitment to the position and reminds the company of why you should be hired.
Bring another copy of your resume to leave at the front desk when following up on your application.

2. If they are too far away, call the offices to follow up. Calling the facility to follow up will remind them of your status as a potential employee and will make a favourable impression on management as they make their decision.
Say hello, introduce yourself, and make it clear that you are following up on a recent application as a garbage collector when you call.

3. To save time, contact the facility and follow up via email. Sending the recruiter an email thanking them for considering you as an applicant is a great way to remind the waste management headquarters of your application. Introduce yourself again in the email and remind the waste management office of the position you are applying for. Before signing your name, ask if there is anything else you can do to make the process go more smoothly, and thank them again.

4. Get ready for your interview. Whether or not you are asked to interview for the position, it is critical to be prepared if the opportunity arises. Prepare a business casual outfit and practise what you will say to the waste management recruiter if an interview is requested. Investigate the company and prepare questions for your potential employer.
Make a list of reasons why you are a good fit for the job and practise speaking about your work history aloud.

Specifics about the position, such as your expected salary and job requirements, are good questions to ask a potential employer.

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Published on: 9/9/21, 7:50 AM